Janet McNiel

Creative Director

Janet has over 20 years of professional business experience. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Computer Graphic Arts, studying both graphic design and website development, which gives her the unique ability to both design and code, speaking both “languages” fluently. She is also a certified Business Process Manager which means she can easily spot potential trouble points within a project and avoid them.

She has won numerous design awards, including four local and regional Addy’s as well as two Brass Rings and 2 TAMIO awards for two cities in Texas. Her work was published in Visual Design Fundamentals, A Digital Approach in 2009, and her creativity landed her a guest spot on national television on HGTV in 2004. She has a passion for providing the best service possible to her clients, shattering the myth that “artsy folk” are unreliable and from another planet. She currently lives in Round Rock with her husband and two children.