In my customer’s own words:

“I am in the healthcare field and needed a way to help patients find their way to my office, which is buried deep within a maze-like office park (with plenty of opportunities for unintentional detours to wrong parking garages, side streets, etc.).  It became fairly routine for me to receive frantic phone calls from lost patients prior to their first appointments, so I decided to make a change to my introductory forms, starting with the map to my office. Janet from Gem Creative Group knew exactly what I needed before I ever asked.  In just a short amount of time, she developed an elegant, professional-looking map with exactly the correct “way finding” graphics to help patients navigate to my office without issue.  I am happy to report that I have not received a single “I’m lost” phone call since.  Janet was responsive, professional, and made the entire process easy for me from the get-go (even though I have NO graphic design knowledge).  I will certainly be using her services in the future.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!”